Goosedown Graphics Web Development
  • grapestompers inc.
        Laurel Springs, NC

    Grapestompers features winemaking supplies and tutorials for the home wine-making enthusiast in a folksy presentation.

    Sales more than doubled with the introduction of the custom e-commerce system and email blaster!

    Site features include:

    • custom e-commerce shopping truck - because a shopping cart was just too small.
    • database driven searchability by category, stock code, product name, etc.
    • extensive back-end administration allowing employees to add/edit/delete                   
      • product descriptions
      • product images
      • product detail, including sale item, new items, category
    • email blaster to send clients newsletters and specials
    Custom business logic handles: 
    • discounts for ordering multiple winemaking kits
    • additional charges for ordering custom wine labels
    • the combination of ordering multiple winemaking kits when some kits are on sale and other kits are regular price

    grapestompers inc. web site

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  • Lake James Cellars
        Glen Alpine, NC

    Lake James Cellars Winery, located in Glen Alpine, NC, is a family run winery. Goosedown created the web site in 2005, designed their wine labels, and helped submit the labels to the TTB for federal approval. This site features an online order form. Due to their budget and desire for personalized service, calculation of shipping charges and payment are handled off-line by a winery employee who contacts each customer by phone.

    Lake James Cellars web site

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