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Database Integration

A key component of a dynamic web site is its database. A database is nothing more than an organized storehouse of information (containing info like customer numbers, product information, member information, etc.), which we can tap into to deliver customized content to a web site visitor.

Databases come in all shapes and sizes, and we will recommend a data solution for your web presence based on:

  • The amount of data you want to store
  • The level of security desired
  • Multi-user security control
  • The amount of traffic you expect to your web site
  • Your preferred method of updating the database
  • Compatibility with existing workflow processes
  • Server environment
  • Your budget

You may not know exactly what you need, but our database developers will work with you to help you determine what your needs are and develop a solution that fills those needs.

Our staff has experience with all the major database systems, like Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access (for Windows environments), as well as MySQL (for UNIX environments). Since we understand several scripting languages - such as .net, Classic ASP and PHP - we are able to support either hosting environment.