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Web Site Development

It may seem relatively easy to design a web site, but the process is more complex than most people realize. If this is your first experience launching a web presence it can be especially challenging. Wouldn't it be great if you could find someone who would take you through the whole process of web development? That's what we do.

Our professional staff will guide you through all the stages of creating a web site:

  • Initial analysis - we learn your business (and your goals for the web site) and help you determine how to meet them
  • Finding a web site name - we provide marketing research to help you find a name that will target you key audience
  • Design/Redesign - we create a custom look for your web site based on your current marketing/branding materials, or starting from scratch
  • Implementation - based on your business rules and web site goals we build the content and functionality of the web site
  • Database Integration - based on need, we can create a custom database backend to support your dynamic web content and E-commerce sites
  • Hosting - we set up your web site hosting; email accounts; and secure certificates - everything your need to have a fully functional web site
  • On-Going Support - after your site launches we continue to be a resource for you, providing support, answering questions and sharing ideas
  • Search Engine Optimization/Marketing - we provide the expert help you need to navigate the search engine optimization and marketing realm.

Goosedown uses the following languages and technologies:

  •, Classic ASP
  • PHP
  • JavaScript; JQuery
  • ActionScripting (Flash)

Regardless of your web server environment, we can create dynamic web pages (pages that change automatically depending on the user, time of day, items on sale, etc.) to accomplish your business goals.

Need to add products to your E-Commerce site, or change pricing? We can build a custom Administrative interface so you can update the data in your online store yourself. This includes the ability to control multiple users and their access.

Simply tell us what you want your site to accomplish, and we will design a customized solution for your business.